Fungi Dining: Velo Lounge

frankfurter hotdog, topped with truffle mac and cheese, with swiss cheese and portabella mushroom

Ah, Velo Lounge! The reliable, reasonably priced hang out of my much-missed student days. I returned with my housemate for a lunch date and was ecstatic to find this little gem on the menu. Rightly named The Real Mac, it is normal pork frank hotdog topped with sautéed portabella mushroom and truffle mac and cheese. Genius.

The hotdog was – if I’m honest – your run of the mill hotdog. I confess, as much of a foodie I am, I do love a frankfurter, so my problem is not with this. I just feel that such a decadent topping deserves a bit of a posh bun, like a brioche. That said, I cannot fault the truffle mac and cheese. It is something I feel my life has been bettered by. It wasn’t overpowering and they used swiss cheese with it, which worked so well. All topped with good ol’ portabella, which everyone loves (if you don’t, you’re probably on the wrong site). I feel I should mention the chips as they are in the picture. I like a big, chunky, triple-cooked chip and these were just ordinary chips. However, I think this can be overlooked thanks to the mac and cheese.

Velo Lounge is part of a chain: The Lounges ( I’m not sure if this is a widespread dish across their restaurants but it really should be!


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