Fungi Fruits, Bath

fungi fruits

I was recently handed a Fungi Fruits leaflet whilst walking through Green Park station and was so pleased to hear that this was coming to Bath. I’ve heard of growing mushrooms from waste coffee grounds before, but haven’t heard it being done to harvest and sell them. Fungi Fruits was set up after the sad news that the mushroom man on the Green Park Station Market on Saturdays sadly, was retiring. But from this sad news, this fantastic idea was born. I also love that it was crowd sourced funding, so they know that people want and support their idea. Check out their funding page here:

The guys from Fungi Fruits go around by bike and collect waste coffee grounds from the coffee shops in Bath. They then takes these back to their farm where they work their magic and grow mushrooms from them! These are then sold at the market and various other places. It’s all green as they use bicycles (also very trendy) and gives Bath a supply of locally grown mushrooms. They will start selling their mushrooms at the Green Park Station Market on Saturdays from March, so get down there and show your support.

See more about what they do here: and on Twitter @FungiFruits

fungi fruits how it works


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