Spaghetti and truffle butter

This is just a 5 minute post sharing a basic recipe and some exciting news. I’m off to Venice for 2 days on the 18th of Feb so am hoping to come back with lots of new recipes to share with you all! Any recommended spots/sights/restaurants/mushroom related items would be hugely appreciated so please leave me a comment if you have any to share.
A friend recently gave me Bocca by Jacob Kenedy so thanks to this and my upcoming trip, I’ve been researching great and simple Italian food. This, and my feeling of laziness after a weekend of too much enjoyment has given birth to the simple and delicious recipe you see below.

This, sadly was the last of my truffle butter from Carluccio’s but I will certainly be buying more! The truffle butter is one of the two ingredients used in this recipe, but as Jacob Kenedy states, “…always try to find the simplest way of doing things, so the making and the eating can be as direct and pleasurable as possible. This is the route to happiness.”

spaghetti and truffle butter

All you need to do is boil your spaghetti and once it’s done, stir through a good sized knob of truffle butter. I’ve also added a small drizzle of truffle oil and a tiny pinch of salt.

Simplice. Bellissimo.


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